Meet Our Staff

Jayme Deal, Practice Manager

Jayme started her career in the veterinary field with Dr. Khan in 1994. She left for a short time to begin a family, but ended up working with a veterinary internist for nearly 10 years, then made her return to Powder Springs Animal Clinic in 2011; her return home as she sees it. She has a passion for rescue and is grateful that Dr. Khan works with many rescue groups and that the practice has saved so many animals, plus has their own adoption program. Home is where you heart is and hers is with her Powder Springs Animal Clinic family, the fur kids that come thru the doors here, and the care takers that love them.

Bernadette Moore, Technician

Bernadette (Bernie) began her career as a vet assistant in 1995.  She started tech school in 2008, but soon had to put school on hold due to family obligations and her move from Virginia to Georgia; she has since re-enrolled in school.  Her passion is in emergency medicine and there have been times those skills have been put to the test here with us.  Bernie is a bright light and always has a smile on her face.  She fits right in with our family!  Her love for all the furry babies and their caretakers is obvious and that makes us love her more!

Karen Railey, Veterinary Assistant

Karen has been working for Powder Springs Animal Clinic since 1994 as a veterinary assistant. Prior to her career with our clinic Karen groomed animals for several years before deciding that animal medicine was the field for her. Karen thoroughly enjoys the work she does with animals and our feline friends are especially fond of her. She is currently mother to ten of her own loving cats.

Cindy Littlefield, Groomer

Cindy is an exceptional groomer. Cindy has been with our clinic since 2007, and has been grooming professionally for over 15 years. She is well known in the grooming community and formerly groomed for prize-winning show animals. Cindy has a way of working with pets unlike any other, and the animals love her for it. She enjoys her job and is meticulous in her work. Cindy’s expertise is one of the reasons that Powder Springs Animal Clinic is a great environment for your pet.

Amber Khan, Receptionist

Amber has been working for Powder Springs Animal Clinic since 2011. She is enrolled in college and plans to pursue a career in which she can combine her love of animals and her passion for helping people. She is a valued team member for her optimistic outlook and dedication to patient and client care.

John Johnson, Receptionist

John began his career in 2003 working in boarding.  He was kennel manager for many years, watching over his flock before he transitioned to different areas of the hospital in 2017.  He has joined our family working as a receptionist, but on occasion, he helps in the kennel or as an assistant.  He loves greeting our fur kids and getting lots of wags and sweet mews!  His quirky personality fits with our fun family here and we are happy to have him with us.

Charlie, Patient Counselor

Thanks to Dr. Khan, Charlie survived a terrible urinary issue in 2012, and has lived at the clinic since. He loves to greet people when they come in and get attention. He is also great at comforting patients, and providing support to those who might be scared to come to the vet. His favorite spot is by the window, where he can watch the birds and other critters. His hobbies include using his scratcher, meditating, and begging for canned food. If you come by, be sure to say hello!