Boarding for Cats and Dogs, Large and Small

Reservations must be made ahead of time. Vaccinations are required for your pets safety and the safety of others pets.

During their stay, dogs will be fed a consistent diet of the highest quality food – Purina EN has been the diet of choice for a number of years. It is formulated to be mild on your pet’s digestive system and is intended to prevent any gastric “upset” from food, or environment change. If your pet is especially sensitive, or is on a prescription diet, we will ask you to bring their own food, or purchase a bag at dropoff. Cats will be fed Royal Canin brand Adult maintenance diet or your own food daily.

Both our canine and feline friends experience playtime daily. Due to potential injury however, we do not let patients intermingle unless they are from the same household. Cats and dogs are seperated to reduce anxiety and fear.

We also board reptiles and birds! However, we ask that you bring their terrarium or cage along with food and interior objects for their cage. Nearly all small mammals can be boarded as well! These can include hamsters, ferrets, and others. For all small mammals, bring their cages and food. If you would like to see our boarding facilities, feel free to stop by and ask our receptionist for a tour. No appointment necessary. All animals are boarded in a heated/ Air conditioned environment. Cats have Kitty Condos and Play Domes as well as toys.

  • Dog requirements: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Corona
  • Cat requirements: FVRCP (feline distemper), Rabies

Please note: All animals must be current on all of their vaccinations in order to board with us. Any or all of these vaccinations may be given at the time of dropoff, however please understand that for optimum protection vaccines should be administered at least 24 hours prior to boarding. Pricing is available by phone.


Cage Type Cage Size Cage Price
Small 22L x 27W x 28H $22.25 per night
Medium 28L x 27W x 28H $23.00 per night
Large 45L x 27W x 28H $24.50 per night
Inside run* 37L x 62W x 72H $27.75 per night
XL inside run* 106L x 62W x 72H $44.25 per night
Inside/ Outside run* Double Inside $44.25 per night
Cats Small/Medium/Large $22.25 per night
Extra Space $16.75 per night

*All cages and runs marked with a star requires $15.75 extra for additional animals in the same cage/run. Cages not denoted with a star generally do not have extra animals.

Additional Information

  • Cat prices are per cat per night, regardless of accommodations.
  • Discounts are offered for extended stays.
  • We are happy to administer medications during your pet’s stay at a charge of $3.00-10.00 per day. Please bring your patients medications and check them in at the front desk.
  • No animals will be released outside of normal business hours.
  • Payment is expected at the time of pickup.
  • Holiday reservations may require a $35.00 deposit which is refundable if cancellation is made more than 48 hours before scheduled date of dropoff.