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Community Outreach

At Powder Springs Animal Clinic, our team takes pride in partnering with outreach programs in Powder Springs and beyond, designed to give back to our community.

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Ahimsa House

Ahimsa House, which is pronounced “uh-HIM-sah” and means “nonviolence” in Sanskrit, was founded in 2004 by Emily Christie after she lost a pet to domestic violence.

Ahimsa House is Georgia’s first and only organization dedicated to helping the human and animal victims of domestic violence reach safety together.

It is estimated that up to 71% of victims of domestic violence report that their abusers also threatened, harmed, or killed family pets–which is often an effective weapon to terrorize the family and keep them silent about the abuse in their home.

Domestic violence is an issue of both animal safety and human safety.

Our team at Powder Springs Animal Clinic are proud to support Ahimsa House in caring for the animals that come through their doors.

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